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Drunk Driving Victims

Posted on May 27, 2019 by in Drunk Driving | 0 comments

Before a restaurant can serve alcohol, they must have a special license that allows them to sell it to people who are of age. Additionally, their employees must also have this special certificate. There’s a lot of paperwork involved, but all in all, this makes it much harder for underage people to buy and consume alcohol. If someone who is underage does get caught drinking on the premises, the restaurant or bar will have to pay hefty fines. They also risk losing their liquor license for either a brief period of time or, if the damage was large enough, permanently. Other areas of life also require special certification and training. Gun licenses, hunting licenses, and fishing licenses are just a few of the areas where proper safety measures must be taken to ensure that no one is hurt as a result of negligence.

Even commercial truck drivers have to have a special license before they are allowed to go out on the road. This license indicates that the driver has gone through all the proper training asked of them and that they are capable of operating a ten-ton vehicle. In addition to a license, they also follow stringent rules on how long they can drive without a break, and how long that break is supposed to be. Breaking these rules can result in the termination of the employee, or an unpaid suspension.

Still, even with all of these safety measures, there are still commercial truck drivers who make the conscious decision to drive when they are not supposed to. Whether it is sleep deprivation or inclement weather, there is a host of reasons for a driver not to go on the road for the day. The driver has signed multiple documents and waivers, as well as going to training and receiving the proper certification, and yet they still make dangerous choices. These choices can ruin the lives of anyone they happen to be around.

If a negligent truck driver crashes into a four-door sedan, it’s almost a guarantee that the smaller car will be totaled or close to it. There’s a one in a million chance that the driver of the car walks away unscathed. The driver will usually have a ton of bumps and bruises at best, and they may be killed if the accident was severe enough. Insurance companies will make the victim go through an inordinate amount of hoops so that they don’t have to pay out.

Let’s say an accident occurs in Washington. A truck accident lawyer in Seattle is the victim’s best option for justice. If you’ve been injured by an incompetent driver, or if a loved one has died as a result of their injuries, you should try and get compensation. A proper settlement will cover lost wages, as well as any medical expenses accrued during the treatment of your injuries. Don’t assume you’ll automatically be taken care of by the truck driver’s insurance; be proactive and contact a lawyer who only has your best interests at heart.

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